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{December 24, 2011}   screw love?

Sex sells right? That’s been the longstanding mentality that has seen a caffeine buzz (diet coke time, girls?) and keeping fit (sex enhancement at Virgin gyms?), sold by fucking. Be it the prospect of more fucking, the hope of better fucking or the desire to fuck hotter people – sex sells.

But is it me, or has something else happened? Something really sick? Something that sees the blood-filled gutter of vomit that is the advertising industry stoop lower than the bottom of the drain they should slither away down?

Dolce and Gabbana run their adverts like everyone else. They pay a large some of money to a woman who doesn’t need it but doesn’t care enough about artistic integrity to turn down visual prostitution – a woman that men aspire to shag and that women aspire to look like. But this insidious shitty little fashion label then pretends it’s love. And they are not alone.

Not satisfied with pornographying “the one” (a D&C brand, as well as an ideal intrinsically linked to our sense of lasting happiness), the industry now labels several of their superficial bottles of chemicals – each a mere product of no inherent value and serving no human spiritual need – “love”

Please god tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that’s fucked up?

Our society is now literally selling a “love” potion in a bottle again – primarily to a bunch of tired and thoughtless men too busy with their soul-destroying under-paid jobs to give real and time to creating or encapsulating something of genuine value and meaning to the woman they love and have loved for years.    

Love is meant to mean something isn’t it? Isn’t it  “all we need” (Thank you oh worshipful Beetles)?. Doesn’t it conquer all? Wasn’t it the thing we were told meant more than money, fame, fucking and all the bullshit clutter with which we fail to “fill” our unfulfilled lives?

Have we really reached a point where love – the one thing that makes life on this miserable fucking planet worth waking up to each morning – is now a fucking brand to be bought and paid for as though even the greatest spiritual experience can be replaced by a wad of notes or a line on a credit card statement?

Because if we have, we are dead.

I wouldn’t be ranting if there was any a hint that the advertising wankers thought for a second that it would be great to promote through their work an image of love – true love – selfless love – love like you never see in a major motion picture and rarely read of in the latest pulp fiction paperback. 

When I say real love, I mean the love that at the end of a terrible day, when all you want to do is load a gun or bury yourself in a bottle, drives you to put all of that to one side and make some one else a hot meal, hear about their day, or do something wonderful together, whatever wonderful might be to the object of one’s true love, knowing that the resulting simple smile on their face makes the rest of world seem less shit.

But there isn’t any hint of that. It’s always just another advert promoting the usual aspirational figure to fuck.

So I pray to god, all gods, any god or no god – that one day the absurdity of 21st century love potions becomes as apparent as that of those of the ninth century.


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